MVP Live


Hey Ho,

I know I been talking about this one for a while and it's finally here. Amy Ray MVP Live represents the last couple years of touring I have done with my all-star band of "most valuable players." I am lucky to have this band - they play at a level that always challenges me musically, but most importantly they elevate the heart and soul of my songs.

I met Kaia Wilson (guitar, vocals) and Melissa York (drums) way back in 1999 when they were playing with their punk trio-The Butchies. I had been a fan of Team Dresch and always hoped to make music of this vein. When they stepped into my life, these dreams came true. Julie Wolf (keys, vocals) is an amazing player that I've known over the years in many different musical circles. She has played extensively with the IG's in the last 5 years and is now the glue that holds this band together in so many ways. I met Greg Griffith (bass, producer, vocals) through Melissa York. He has been her rhythmic counterpart in many projects, since they were young punks running around NYC. I started with Greg as a producer on my last studio record, Didn't It Feel Kinder. He is now a permanent fixture in my musical life. 

Sound engineer, Brian Speiser went on a couple of tours to run sound and record our shows on good days and bad. I combed through the recordings and found what I thought were our most representative moments. Speiser mixed the sounds together in a masterful way, always keeping in mind the point of view of the audience, and the feel of the show and club. This is a swath of what he captured.

Live music is a visceral experience that can't be totally captured with digital bits or tape, but I am hoping MVP Live will at the very least reflect the moments that we shared with the "small but mighty" audiences in the rock clubs where we play. My strongest hope is that this live record will take you to the show and then transport you to a place of energy, strength, and emotion. 

A Ray

Atlanta artist, Erin Dangar created a primo package that includes trading cards of the band and tour photos. The CD will be available through digital sites as well, but this special edition signed package is only available at our shows and through the Daemon Records website. I might add that me, Brian, and a few other folks stayed up through a power outage putting these CD packages together...