About Us

Daemon Records is an independent record label that was founded in 1990 as a vehicle for recording artists to express their artistic vision without the confines and restrictions of a corporate major record label. Daemon is operated from the artist’s perspective, with an emphasis on community development on all fronts including the arts, the environment, and human rights. The label aims to help break down barriers within the music community, while providing an opportunity for musicians to create and control their own recordings within a free and nurturing environment. Over the years, Daemon has often been run as a co-op where artists help other artists produce and promote their music, with an educational bent towards learning how to create and distribute music within the independent community. Daemon has also encouraged, mentored, and supported community activists and activism in an effort to connect art and culture to all other aspects of thriving eco-systems and communities.

Musically speaking, Daemon Records’ mission is to present a diverse array of music from punk to rock to country to jazz to spoken word to folk, with the common thread being an attention to the craft of song and word, independent of musical genre or style. Diversity on every front will always be an integral part of the label’s identity and an ever-evolving goal. Daemon Records is the sum of its past and present bands-their activism, creative notions, music, personalities, and communities. We embrace the challenges and changes that have brought us this far and look forward to the coming years of music and activism.



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