The Moto-Litas’ CD, For the Greater Good was released in 2001. They have since disbanded, but their music is still available. This is their original bio.

BETTY "SKINS" BOOMSKINS - aka Stacy Kerber, hails from the planet Venus. She spent her high school and college years in San Francisco, California, USA, Planet Earth, hanging out with the likes of The Phantom Surfers, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She began wielding drumsticks as a goof during jam sessions with friends who testify she has natural talent. Her first set of drums was given to her as a gift four years ago and she immediately began wailin' away. She first met up with The Moto-Litas two years ago and they have been shakin' the paint off the walls ever since. Skins is a Cancer whose turn-ons include music, sushi & sake, and her, not in that way! She claims that her favorite thing about rockin' with the girls is that they are extremely talented, totally cute, and truly insane.

KITTY KOWABUNGA - aka Courtney King, is the singer and guitarist for The Moto-Litas. She began playing a little over two years ago and claims she's hooked, however, still refuses to seek counseling. Her favorite thing to do is play live. She's been quoted as saying, "Vince Neil from Motley Crue said that every person in a band got in it for the chicks, and they're lying if they tell you different. Well, we ARE the chicks, and contrary to what Vince says, we pretty much just want to rock it. I like Mick Mars better anyway." Kitty is a quiet Cancer who likes full moons, martinis, and hustling pool.

TRIXIE RIPTIDE - aka Mary Frances Collins, because that's what her parents named her. A Chattavegas, Tennewannabe native, Trixie says her parents were cool enough to buy her first musical instruments and put up with the ruckus while she learned to play. After several years of practice, Trixie has magically transformed that ruckus into rock, which she bangs out on the guitar with the Moto-Litas. Don't let her sweet girly dresses fool you, Trixie, the youngest member of the 'Litas, loves to rock out to the likes of Black Sabbath and Motorhead. She first met up with the girls at a dinner party in honor of Dusty Watson, drummer for the legendary punk band, Agent Orange. Trixie is a Sagittarius with a penchant for hockey players, good manners, and bubble gum.

LEGGY LIMBEAUX - aka Erin Bradley Dangar, is the bass player for The Moto-Litas, and she sings, too. She has also been known to play theoccasional organ and is the only Moto-Lita who has had prior experienceplaying in front of a live audience. Leggy has played in numerous bands since her high school years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her parents worried that she was becoming a social misfit, but it turned out she was just holed up in her room practicing the bass. It paid off. She eventually emerged from her room and went on to play in bands like Nosferatu (yes, it was a goth band), Fly-Wheel, Woodside, and after attending college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the punk band The Phoebes. Leggy, an intellectual Gemini, enjoys good grammar, blue-colored foods and holding hands. She claims she's the band dork, but with a name like Leggy....



    RELEASED: 2001

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