The folk trio, Girlyman was signed to Daemon in 2004 and released two Cds, Remember Who I Am and Little Star over their 3 year stint on the label. After these two releases became undeniably successful, they began releasing CDs on their own label. Eventually, they brought a fourth member, JJ Jones into the group and continued to tour and create music, both individually and as a band. All of their records are now available independently through their website. Here is the original bio from the Daemon Records website:

The Three members of Girlyman scheduled the group’s first rehearsal for September 11, 2001. Doris Muramatsu and Ty Greenstein, who met in the second grade, had recently abandoned their former project as a modern folk duo; their friend Nate Borofsky has just moved to New York after four solo rears on the Boston singer-songwriter circuit. When all three suddenly found themselves living in the same Brooklyn apartment, it seemed only natural to combine their talents into a new group. Obviously, the September 11 events of that day helped shape the trio’s vision: "It brought us in touch with our own mortality," says Nate. "We wanted to do what felt right to us, and to not take ourselves too seriously. We started out by calling ourselves Girlyman."

Maybe it’s this mix of sincerity and humor that has audiences nationwide falling for Girlyman, or maybe it’s just that their soaring three-part harmonies are unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Maybe it’s their folk-pop-bluegrass sound – something like Nickel Creek meets the B-52’s – or the catchy, often haunting melodies. Either way, Girlyman is on a roll. After the group won a 2004 Independent Music Award for their debut CD Remember Who I Am, Amy Ray (one of the contest’s judges) signed them to her indie label Daemon Records. When the Indigo Girls invited Girlyman to join them on the road, the band received standing ovations at nearly every show and sold so many CDs that the label had to make an emergency shipment…and when those sold out, another. Since then, the buzz about Girlyman has grown to a low roar. Girlyman has recently performed on internationally syndicated radio shows like Mountain Stage and has received dazzling reviews in dozens of national publications. Remember Who I Am went on to win the 2004 Outmusic Award for Best New Album. The trio’s robust 2004 festival season included appearances at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Boston Folk Festival, and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, where Girlyman was voted "Most Wanted to Return."

On May 2005, Girlyman released their second CD, Little Star, a collection of twelve original songs tied together by themes of love and war. Throughout, the members of Girlyman switch off songwriting duties and a range of instruments, including the acoustic a baritone guitar, djembe, banjo, and mandolin. "This CD is more political than Remember Who I Am, and even more eclectic," explains Ty. "There’s straight-up pop, a slow country dance, a variation on bluegrass that we call "girlygrass," something vaguely jazzy, and a couple of rockers. Lyrically, there’s both commentary and, as usual, confession." Co-produced by Girlyman and engineer Bob Harris, Little Star also features Julie Wolf of the Ani DiFranco band on accordion and keyboards, and Joe Dye on pedal steel. 



    RELEASED: 2005




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