Bambix is a band based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, although some members might be German, might even come from Cologne. Since they are considered to be a punk-band, this does not matter. Borders and styles are to be crossed here easily. Back and forth. What is important is that they have created their own style in which melody walks hand in hand with a kicking back power force. Always catchy and edgy. Known for Wick Bambix's 2 vocal chords. One chord is the soothing one, the other one cuts deep.

Bambix put a record out on Daemon in 2004 after Amy flipped out over the band. Their line up for the Daemon release, What’s In A Name, was Willia van Houdt on vocals and guitars, Peter Dragt on drums, and Patrick Schappert on bass. Currently, Wick has brought on board Burn von Pey on bass and Don Cardeneo on drums.

Bambix has played shows for over 15 years, releasing 7 cd's of which the latest The Storytailor was released in march 2012 on Rookie Records. They tasted 20.875 different brands of beer whilst touring all over the world. 4 Brasil tours, Argentina, USA, and all over Europe. With a Brasilian label, a Japanese release, a German booker: Muttis-Booking, a fabulous Brasilian following (ducarai!), Wick Bambix, ex-Wohlstandskind rockstar Don and Burn, also known as HE-MAN on bass: That’s 3 unlimited. Bambix. No rule is the first rule.



    RELEASED: 10.19.2004