Release cover
Release cover


  1. Overture
  2. Heaven On Their Minds
  3. What's the Buzz
  4. Strange Thing Mystifying
  5. Everything's Alright
  6. This Jesus Must Die
  7. Hosanna
  8. Simon Zealotes
  9. Poor Jerusalem
  10. Pilate's Dream
  11. The Temple
  12. Everything's Alright (Reprise)
  13. I Don't Know How to Love Him
  14. Damned For All Time, Blood Money
  15. The Last Supper
  16. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say
  17. The Arrest
  18. Peter's Denial
  19. Pilate & Christ
  20. King Herod's Song
  21. Judas' Death
  22. Trial Before Pilate
  23. Superstar
  24. Crucifixion
  25. John 19_41

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Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection, is a 25 song double album featuring a whole host of characters from the Atlanta music scene including: Indigo Girls (Ray as Jesus and Emily as Mary Magdalene), Big Fish Ensemble (Lorant as Judas), 5-8, Opal Foxx Quartet (Benjamin Smoke as Caiaphas), Kelly Hogan (Simon Zealots), Gerard McHugh (Pontius Pilate), and The Feed and Seed Marching Band. It was recorded and produced by Michael Lorant and Rob Gal, and released in 1995 on Daemon. All of the proceeds have continued to fund gun violence education projects. To celebrate the release of the CD, the cast performed the rock opera in it’s own ragtag way in Atlanta. That same year, they took the show on the road to SXSW in Austin and Summer Nights at the Pier in Seattle.

The JCS project was originally conceived in the vivid imagination of Atlanta band, Big fish Ensemble’s Michael Lorant. What started as an idle conversation eventually snowballed into a full–blown and rather elaborate recording project. Michael comments, “I’m still not quite sure how a nice Jewish boy from Boston ever became so involved with a rock opera about Jesus Christ…JCS was something from my past, something nostalgic that I would pick up and listen to every so often.” Then several years ago during an Indigo Girls / Big Fish Ensemble tour something happened. While listening to the original JCS soundtrack during a long road trip between tour dates, Michael was struck with “the completely outrageous idea of recording an Atlanta version and began casting the album right then and there. It was basically a joke and seemed completely out of reach considering our resources.” Then a while later, the joke metamorphosed into reality when Indigo Girl Amy Ray (who sings the role of Jesus on the album) expressed interest in recording the project for release on her label. Amy comments,” The politics and history of Jesus’ story became even more profound when seen through the eyes of Judas. Michael Lorant did a brilliant job of directing the arrangements, organization, and production of this album.

Who's Saying What

"It is difficult to sum up just how masterful every aspect of this album is. From the opening "Overture" it's clear that these musicians are not just trying to recreate Webber's original vision. Each song has been profoundly reinvented, greatly intensifying all the remarkable aspects of the original while also adding many new ones. Listening to the album for the first time, I found myself unable to ever second guess the music, always surprised and never disappointed."

Washington Square News

"The project's saving grace (from the original) is a mix-and-match approach that pairs some of the city's best and best-known vocalists - from Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, to underground faves Kelly Hogan and Benjamin - with a spree of bands that veer from catalytic rock (Five-Eight) to blissful pop (Cicada Sings and Uncle Green) to deranged orchestral music (The Feed and Seed Marching Abominable) to jacked-up ska (Full Stop). The result is anything but another contrived concept album."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution